College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Agricultural & Resource Economics

AREC Seminar Series


Thursday, Nov. 30, 3:30pm
3121 Symons Hall

Seminar:Variable Pricing and the Social Cost of Renewable Energy Imelda

Wednesday, Dec. 6, 3:30pm
3121 Symons Hall
Abstract: Although technological progress has lowered the cost of solar and wind to make renewable energy competitive with fossil fuels on a levelized-cost basis, supply of these resources is highly variable an inelastic, which contrasts with elastic, stable and controllable supply from traditional...

Seminar: Obesity and Self Control: Evidence from Food Purchase Data

Wednesday, Mar. 29, 3:30pm
3121 Symons Hall
Abstract: Does obesity appear to be related to lack of commitment or self-control? We assess this question using a novel and unique dataset that links individual-level scanner data on food purchases to survey data containing questions about an individual's obesity status, when and whether the...


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