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Below is a list of events at the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

Seminar (Friday*): Charles Holt - University of Virginia - Upside Versus Downside Risk: Gender, Stakes, and Skewness

Friday, Nov. 16, 3:30pm
3121 Symons Hall
Abstract: This paper investigates the effects of financial risk, both “upside” (low probability of a high payoff) and “downside” (low probability of a low payoff). Subjects in the experiment exhibit more aversion to downside risk and more attraction to risky prospects with a small chance of a high...

Seminar:Justine Hastings - Brown University

Wednesday, Nov. 28, 3:30pm
3121 Symons Hall

Seminar (Monday*) : Imran Rasul - University College London

Monday, Dec. 3, 3:30pm
3121 Symons Hall

Seminar: Matthew Jackson - Stanford University

Wednesday, Mar. 6, 3:30pm
3121 Symons Hall

Seminar: Abhijeet Singh - Stockholm School of Economics

Wednesday, Mar. 13, 3:30pm
3121 Symons Hall

Seminar: Marianne Bitler - UC Davis

Wednesday, Mar. 27, 3:30pm
3121 Symons Hall

Seminar: Steve Cicala - University of Chicago

Wednesday, Apr. 3, 3:30pm
3121 Symons Hall

Seminar: Shawn Cole - Harvard University

Wednesday, Apr. 17, 3:30pm
3121 Symons Hall

Seminar: Kenneth Gillingham - Yale University

Wednesday, May. 1, 3:30pm
3121 Symons Hall
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