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Sam Norris selected as AGNR Commencement Speaker

Sam NorrisAREC student Sam Norris was the commencement speaker at the AGNR spring 2017 graduation held on May 20 at the Reckord Armory.

When Norris first arrived at the university, he had plans to apply to the business school. However, because he enjoyed his economics classes, Norris researched various majors and found AREC. The major would allow him to focus on economics, but also concentrate in courses about business management.

“The course material, as well as smaller class sizes made AREC a great fit,” said Norris.

As an AREC student, Norris was active on the AREC student advisory board, and helped organize several events. He also had a minor in sustainability studies.

His speech focused on the Tarzan Method, which is a theory about the journey people take to reach their goals.

“Basically, the path between where you are now and where you want to be is typically thought of as a straight line,” said Norris. “The reality is more similar to Tarzan in the jungle. There is no straight line; instead, you grab whatever vine is in front of you and you swing.”

According to Norris, the biggest lesson he learned from college is to not be complacent, and to take action if something does not feel right.

“The point is to take risks at this time in our lives, and not to necessarily wait for the perfect opportunity, but to take a good one that'll move you a little closer,” said Norris.

After graduation, Norris plans to take the summer to travel and apply to various jobs.

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