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Agricultural & Resource Economics

Undergraduate Programs

Summary of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AREC) major  

  • Complete a set of prerequisite courses.
  • Core of classes offered by the Agricultural and Resource Economics Department.
  • One or more fields comprised of selected courses from outside the department. 

The core includes courses in economic reasoning, agribusiness management, environmental and resource policy, agricultural policy, economic development, and analytical methods. The program permits students flexibility in choosing fields to fit their career interests. It is required to complete one field and a second field is encouraged. 

The curriculum balances breadth and depth, and lets students develop academic skills in two or more areas.  The program provides a good foundation for careers in economics, resource or environmental policy, agribusiness, and international agriculture. For more information, view Four Year plan.

Students add an individual dimension to the core by selecting one or two of the following fields of course work from other departments:

Business Management

Farm production

Food Production

Environmental and Resource Policy

International Agriculture

Political Process

Advanced Degree Preparation

Student-Designed Field

See Fields of study for a more detailed description.

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