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Agricultural & Resource Economics

Editorial Experience of the Faculty

The faculty of the Department have served as editors and on editorial boards of the major scholarly journals of the Department's primary fields.

  • Board of Editors of the American Economic Review
    Marc Nerlove 1970-1972
    John List (Adjunct) 2004-present
  • Editing of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics (AJAE)
    • Editor
      Erik Lichtenberg 2007-2011
      Richard Just 1984-1986
    • Associate Editor
      Bob Chambers 1984-1986
      Erik Lichtenberg 1998-2002
    • Editorial Council
      Richard Just 1978-1980
  • Editing of the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management(JEEM)
    • Co-editor
      Anna Alberini 2001-2004
      John List (Adjunct) 2004-present
      Ted McConnell 1985-1987
      Rob Williams 2007-2009
    • Associate Editor
      Anna Alberini 2000
      Ramon Lopez 1998-1999
      Lars Olson 1996-1999
    • Editorial Board
      Anna Alberini 1998-2001
      Ted McConnell 1992-1996
      Lars Olson 1994-1995, 2001-2004
      Rob Williams 2005-2007, 2009-2011
      John List (Adjunct) 2001-2003
  • Editing of the Journal of Public Economics (JPubE)
    Rob Williams, Associate Editor 2007-2009, Co-editor 2009-2012

  • Editing of the Agricultural and Resource Economics Review (ARER)
    • Editor
      Lori Lynch 2004-2007
      Wes Musser 2004-2007
    • Editorial Board
      Howard Leathers 1999-2005
      Ken Leonard 2005-2008
      Erik Lichtenberg 1994-1995
      Doug Lipton 2005-2008
  • Editorial Board Members of Environmental and Resource Economics (ERE)
    Anna Alberini, Science Advisory Board
    Ted McConnell, Science Advisory Board
  • Associate Editor of Resource and Energy Economics
    Ramón López 2012-present
  • Editorial roles with other professional journals
    Anna Alberini: Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, Editorial Board 2006-present

    Bob Chambers: Journal of Productivity Analysis, Associate Editor 2009-present

    Jim Hanson: Agronomy Journal, Editorial Board 2008-present

    Richard Just: Western Journal of Agricultural Economics, Editorial Council 1982-1984; Journal of Development Planning Literature, Editorial Board 1985-1991; Economics Research International, Editorial Board 2010-present

    Rob Williams: Berkeley Electronic Journals in Economic Analysis and Policy, Editorial Board 2005-present

    Howard Leathers: Food Security, Editorial Board 2010-present

    Doug Lipton: International Journal of Recirculating Aquaculture, Editorial Board 1999-2003

    Ramón López: Environmental and Development Economics, Associate Editor 1995-2003; Journal of Policy Reform, Editorial Board 1994-present

    Lori Lynch: Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 2003-present

    Ted McConnell: Journal of Marine Resource Economics, Editorial Council 1981-present; Land Economics, Editorial Council 1985-1997; Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Editorial Council 1992-1996

    Marc Nerlove: Journal of the American Statistical Association, Associate Editor 1960-1962; Journal of Economic Literature, Editorial Board 1969-1971

    John List (Adjunct): Experimental Economics, Editorial Board 2004-present; Berkeley Electronic Journals in Economic Analysis and Policy, Editorial Board 2004-present; Journal of Regional Science, Associate Editor 2001-present; Environmental and Resource Economics, Co-editor 2001-2004, Editorial Board 2001-present; Editorial Board 2004-present; American Economic Review, Editorial Board 2004-present; Journal of Economic Literature, Board of Editors 2006-present; Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Co-editor 2004-present, Editorial Council 2001-present; Letters in Spatial and Resource Economics, Editorial Board 2006-present
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