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Agricultural & Resource Economics

Rank of the Department

The Department has maintained its strength as a top-ranked program for over two decades.

  • The National Research Council's 2010 evaluation of research criteria found the Department's accomplishments highly rated among doctoral programs. Derived from faculty publications, citation rates, grants, and awards, the Department's averaged rankings placed them at #2 in the nation. NRC Ranking Overview
  • Professional opinion ranks the Department as the #1 program in Resource and Environmental Economics and #3 in Agricultural Economics. In a survey of opinions of members of the American Agricultural Economic Association by Gregory Perry, the Department is the #1 program in Resource & Environmental Economics and third in Agricultural Economics.
  • The Department was ranked as the #1 department internationally in Resource and Agricultural Economics, #1 in Resource and Environmental Economics and #3 in Agricultural Economics by (Rankings based on quality adjusted journal citations.)
  • A publication by Willis, Willis, and Shea (Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, 1993) found the department contributed more publications than any other department to the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, the leading journal of agricultural economics.
  • Shogren and Durden (JEEM, 1991) found that the University of Maryland contributed more publications than any other institution to the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, the leading journal of environmental economics.
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