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Seminars: Fall 2011

Fall 2011

Aug. 31 David Newburn -Texas A & M

Title: Exurban Development and Growth Management Policies for Exurban and Suburban Development

Sep. 15

Massimo Filippini - ETH Zurich

Title: US Residential Energy Demand and Energy Efficiency: A Stochastic Demand Frontier Approach

Sep. 23

David Just - Cornell University

Title: Default Options and Food Choices
Please note: Seminar will start at 2pm on Friday September 23, 2200B Symons Hall

Oct. 13

Francisco Gallego - Catholic University of Chile (joint with economics department)

Title: The Effect of Transport Policies on Car Use:
Theory and Evidence from Latin American Cities

Please note: Seminar will start at 3:30pm on Thursday October 13, 4103 Tydings Hall

Oct. 19

Erich Muehlegger - Harvard University

Title: Gasoline Taxes and Consumer Behavior

Paper available upon request.

Nov. 9

James Smith - Southern Methodist University and Resources for the Future

Title: On the Portents of Peak Oil (And Other Indicators of Resource Scarcity)

Nov. 14

Steve Puller - Texas A & M

Title: Power to Choose: An Analysis of Consumer Behavior in the Texas Retail Electricity Market

Please note: Seminar will start at 2:00pm on Monday November 14, 2200B Symons Hall

Nov. 16

Jessica Goldberg - UMD Economics Department

Title: The Lesser of Two Evils: The Roles of Social Pressure and Impatience in Consumption Decisions

Dec. 7

John Hoddinott - IFPRI

Title: The Consequences of Early Childhood Growth Failure over the Life Course

Spring 2011
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