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Nov 20 Cathy Kling-Iowa State University
Seminar:Agricultural Conservation Practices and Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia: Linking Externalities from the Land to their Consequences in the Sea
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Nov 13 Antonio Bento- Cornell University
Seminar:Redistribution, Delegation, and Regulators’ Incentives:Evidence from the Clean Air Act
Nov 12 Maximilian Auffhammer-University of California Berkeley
Seminar: Quantifying adaptation to climate change at the intensive and extensive margin: The case of residential electricity consumption
Oct 30 Remi Jedwab-George Washington University
Seminar:Out of Africa: Colonial Railroads, White Settlement, Coffee Production and Path Dependence in Kenya
Sep 25 Achyuta Adhvaryu-University of Michigan
Seminar:Salt Iodization and the Enfranchisement of the American Worker
Apr 24 Kenneth Leonard-University of Maryland
Seminar: Gifts and the Promise of Gifts: Experimental Evidence on Reciprocity from the Field
Apr 18 Erin Mansur- Dartmouth College
Seminar: Spatial and Temporal Heterogeneity of Marginal Emissions: Implications for Electric Cars and Other Electricity-Shifting Policies
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