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Recent Dissertations

Many of these dissertations are available in the Digital Respository of the University of Maryland (DRUM), from the University Library System.

PersonYearPh.D. Dissertation Title
Uttara Balakrishnan2018The Little Push: Role of Incentives in Determining Household Behavior in India
John Roberts2018High Frequency Market Dynamics An Analysis of Market Depth & Quoting Behaviors in Crude Oil Futures Markets
Juan Cristobal Ruiz-Tagle2018Essays on the Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health
Wenjun Wang2018The Incidence of Trade Wars: Evidence from the U.S. Solar Industry
Aaron Adalja2017Essays on Quality Certification in Food and Agricultural Markets
Andrew Breudevold-Newman2017Essays on Education in Developing Countries 
Jen He2017Regulation, Market and Technology: Evidence From the U.S. Trucking Industry
Daniel C. Voica2017Agricultural Policy and Production in the Presence of Rish and Incomplete Financial Markets
Ziyan Yang2017Essays on China's Rural Land Rental Market: Institutions and Contract Design
Elina Tselepidakis2016Food Product Recalls: Trends and Demand Impacts
Romina Ordonez2016Demand for Safer Food in Developing Countries
Mark Miller2016Essays in Nonmarket Valuation and Energy Economics
Jaclyn Evans2016Essays in Personal Transprotation Demand and Consumber Finance
Davide Cerruti2016Behavioral Response To Environmental Taxation: Evidence from the Transportation Sector
Monica Saavoss2016Essays in Greenhouse/Nursery Econimics
Patrick Fleming2016Agriculture, Environmental Incentive Payments, and Water Quality in the Chesapeake Bay
 Shirley Pon2016Effects of Informaiton and Time of Use Pricing on Irish Electricity Deman and Supply
 Jeffrey Ferris2015Essays on Natural Hazard Mitigation and Forest Cover Change
 Joseph Maher2015Essays on Energy Efficiency and Forest Conservation
 Kota Minegishi2015Essays on the Comparison of Production Technologies: Applications to Maryland Dairy Farms
 Anand Murugesan2015Economics of Society: Essays on Health, Marriage and Adoption
 Ian Page2015The Economics of Wind Power and Whisky
 Simone Pieralli2015The Role of Soils in Production: Aggregation, Separability, and Yield Decomposition in Kenyan Agriculture
 Ashwini Sebastien2015Essays on Environmental Shocks in Developing Countries: Adaptation of Social Protection, Migration and Labor
 Michael Taylor2015Three Essays on Non-balanced Economic Growth, Economic Geography, and the Regulation of Public Land in the United States
 Magda Tsaneva2015Human Capital Investments: Preferences, Opportunities, Constraints
 Dan Werner2015Electricity Markets Price Risk, Pollution, and Policies
 Casey Wichman2015Information and Environmental Policy
 Po Yin Wong2015Resilience and Adaptation to Natural Hazards: Evidence from Indonesia
 Dana C. Andersen2014Essays on Financial Market Imperfections and the Environment
 Sarah Ball2014The Effects of Water Quality Improvements on a Commercial Fishery: Evidence from the Maryland Blue Crab Fishery
 Pinar M. Gunes2014Essays on Female Education, Fertility, and Health: Evidence from Turkey and the US
 Kanishka Kacker2014Pricing Arrangements in US Coal Supply Contracts
 Kota Minegeshi2014Essays on the Comparison of Production Technologies: Applications to Maryland Dairy Farms
 Eduardo Nakasone2014The Role of Price Information in Agricultural Markets: Evidence from Rural Peru
 Ashwini Sebastien2014Essays on Environmental Shocks in Developing Countries: Adaptation of Social Protection, Migration, and Labor
 Sean Yuji Sylvia2014Managerial Incentives In Public Service Delivery: Evidence From School-Based Nutrition Programs In Rural China
 Michael Taylor2014Three Essays on Non-Balanced Growth, Economic Geography, and the Regulation of Public Land in the United States
 Shinsuke Uchida2014Essays on the Econometric Analysis of US Agriculture
 Seth Wechsler2014A Structural Model of Insect Control Decisions: Rootworm Resistance in US Corn Fields
 Sang Won Yoon2014Three Essays on Sustainable Development
 Tarik Chfadi2013Effects Of Inequality And Transmissivity In A Common Pool Aquifer - Theory, Experimental Evidence And Policy Implications
 Claudia Hitaj2013Wind Power Development In The United States: Effects Of Policies And Electricity Transmission Congestion
 Ariel Ortiz Bobea2013Essays On Climate Change Impacts And Adaptation For Agriculture
 Adan Leobardo Martinez-Cruz2013Implications Of Heterogeneity In Discrete Choice Analysis
 Trang Thu Tran2013Essays On The Impact Of Conflict And Regulations On The Private Sector In Developing Countries
 Timothy Michael Essam2013Analyzing Millet Price Regimes And Market Performance In Niger With Remote Sensing Data
 Takahiko Kiso2013Essays On The Economics Of Automobile Fuel Economy
 Amparo Palacios Lopez2013Essays On Decomposition Analysis
 Kabir Malik2013Essays On Energy And Environment In India
 Upamanyu Datta2013Economics And Empowerment: Catalysts Or Competitors?
 Dimitrios Reppas2012Modeling Fisheries Agreements With Side Payments: The Case Of Western Atlantic Bluefin Tuna
 Fanqing Ye2012Essays On The Economics Of Environmental Regulations
 Geret Sean Depiper2012To Bid Or Not To Bid: An Investigation Into Economic Incentives Underling Auction Participation
Elisabeth Jo Newcomb2012An Analysis Of Regulatory Decisions On Food-Use Pesticides Under The Food Quality And Protection Act
Michele Baggio2012On The Analysis Of The Effects Of Environmental Random Shocks: An Application To The American Lobster Fishery Of Long Island Sound
Will Gans2012The Role Of Prices And Information In Residential Energy Consumption And Investment Behavior
Asif Mohammed Islam2012Essays On Government Spending And Sustainable Growth
Jeffrey Allen Flory2011Formal Savings & Informal Insurance In Villages: A Field Experiment On Indirect Effects Of Financial Deepening On Safety Nets Of The Ultra-Poor
Stephen Kasperski2011Optimal Multispecies Harvesting In Biologically And Technologically Interdependent Fisheries
Juan Feng2011A Balancing Act? An Empirical Examination Of Whether The Dynamic Balance Policy Has Helped China Reduce Cultivated Land Loss Amid Rapid Urban Land Expansion
Kathryn Nadine Vasilaky2011Development, Technology Adoption, And Social Networks
Dennis Guignet2011What Do Property Values Really Tell Us? Evidence From Revealed And Stated Preference Studies
J. Michelle Brock2011Social Preferences Among Clinicians In Tanzania: Evidence From The Lab And The Field
Sonia Jarvis2011Stated Preference Methods And Models: Analyzing Recreational Angling In New England Groundfisheries
David Herberich2011Three Quasi-Experimental And Experimental Papers In Environmental Economics
Jia Li2011Modeling Household Energy Consumption And Adoption Of Energy-Efficient Technology Using Recent Micro-Data
Niti Bhutani2010Institutional Structure In Corporate Agriculture
 Anmol Ratan2010Essays In Behavioral Economics: Applying Prospect Theory To Auctions
 Dongquan Shen2010Factors That Influence The Regional Agricultural Production Structure In China
 Lakshman Rao Nagraj Rao2010The Impact Of Low Income Housing Tax Credit Projects On Neighborhood Property Values: The Case Of Montgomery County, Md
 Jorge Gabriel Holzer Bilbao2010An Analysis Of Sector Allocations In Commercial Fisheries
 Nathaniel Alan Higgins2010Computational And Experimental Market Design
 Manbar Singh Khadka2009The Relationship Between Child Labor And Microfinance: Evidence From Rural Bangladesh
 Ravissa Suchato2009Antidumping Effects In The Presence Of Collusion In An Upstream Market: The Case Of U.S. Frozen Shrimp Imports From Thailand
 Yabei Zhang2009Household Energy Use, Indoor Air Pollution, And Health Impacts In Inida [I.E. India]: A Welfare Analysis
 Chad Damon Lawley2009Protectionism Versus Risk In Screening For Invasive Species
 Andrew James Stocking2009Three Empirical Studies In Market Design
 Sarah Wallace Adelman2009Early Childhood Nutritional Responses To Targeted Food Aid And Social Network Disruptions In Ugandan Internally Displaced Person'S Camps
 Shannon Leigh Wilson2009Determinants Of Childhood Morbidity And The Role Of Malnutrition: Evidence From Indonesia
 Lucija Muehlenbachs2009Internalizing Production Externalities: A Structural Estimation Of Real Options In The Upstream Oil And Gas Industry
 Lopamudra Chakraborti2008Assessing The Efficacy Of Npdes Regulation: Permit Writers' Decisions, Plants' Responses, And Impact Of Pollutants On Water Quality
 Marcella Veronesi2008Environmental Risk Factors, Health And The Labor Market Response Of Households In The United States
 Paramita Sinha2008The Value Of Climate Amenities: A Disequilibrium Approach
 Xiangping Liu2008Land Preservation, Voluntary Programs, And Regulatory Instruments
 Mohammed Helal Uddin2008Gains From Contracting For Us Hog Growers
 Roger L Claassen2008Asymmetric Information And Alternate Premium Rating Methods In U.S. Crop Insurance: A Comparison Of High And Low Risk Regions
 Hernan Mauricio Gonzalez2008The Interaction Between Distance To Work And Vehicle Miles Traveled
 Charles Towe2008Impacts Of An Incentive Based Land Use Policy: An Evaluation Of Preservation Easements
 Ekaterina Krivonos González2008Three Essays On Coffee Markets
 Oscar Alfredo Melo2008Service Quality And Asymmetric Information In The Regulation Of Monopolies: The Chilean Electricity Distribution Industry
 Beat Hintermann2008Pricing Carbon: Allowance Price Determination In The Eu Ets
 Timothy Fitzgerald2008Essays On Split Estate In Energy Development
 Nancy Bergeron2007Costly Renewable Resource Management And International Trade
 Shaikh Mahfuzur Rahman2007Optimal Contracting And Vertical Coordination In The Beef Industry: An Assessment Of Value-Based Pricing
 Heather Klemick2007The Economics Of Fallow: Evidence From The Eastern Amazon
 Constant I Tra2007Evaluating The Equilibrium Welfare Impacts Of The 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments In The Los Angeles Area
 Oscar Enrique Cristi2007The Influence Of Heterogeneous Risk Preferences On Water Market Activity: An Application To The Paloma System Of The Limarí Water Basin, Chile
 Soma Bhattacharya2006The Value Of Mortality Risk Reductions In Delhi, India
 Gregmar Ignacio Galinato2006Endogenous Property Rights Regimes, Common Property Resources And Trade Policies
 Valeria Pineiro2006The Impact Of Trade And Policy Liberalization On Argentina'S Agricultural Sector: Technology Adoption In A Dynamic Model
 Irina Klytchnikova2006Methodology And Estimation Of The Welfare Impact Of Energy Reforms On Households In Azerbaijan
 Jonathan Eliot Alevy2006Essays In Behavioral And Experimental Economics
 Angelo Zago2006Self-Regulation, Productivity, And Nonlinear Pricing. Three Essays On Quality Production In Agricultural Markets
 Jyotsna Puri2006Factors Affecting Agricultural Expansion In Forest Reserves Of Thailand: The Role Of Population And Roads
 Katja Pauliina Vinha2005The Impact Of The Washington Metro On Development Patterns
 Gustavo Adolfo Anriquez Nilson2005Renewable Resources As A Factor Of Production In International Trade
 Karen Palm2005Using Predicted Market Values For Ecologically Valuable Natural Lands In Land Preservation Program Optimal Targeting Scheme: Application To Maryland'S Greenprint Program
 Valerie Ann Mueller2005Valuing Climate Amenities In Brazil Using A Hedonic Pricing Framework
 Michael Price2005Essays In Natural Resource Economics
 Ricardo Smith-Ramirez2005On The Evaluation Of Conservation Cost-Sharing Programs. An Application Of A Monte Carlo Em Algorithm
 Habiba Djebbari2005Public Intervention And Household Behavior.
 Glenn David Sheriff2004A Least-Cost Mechanism To Achieve Agricultural Income And Conservation Targets Under Asymmetric Information
 Conrad Joseph Choiniere2004Learning-By-Doing And Contracts In New Agricultural Industries
 Craig Elliott Landry2004A General Model Of Barrier Island Erosion Managementwith Application To Optimal Response Under Sea Level Rise
 Fabrizio Bresciani2004Tenure Security, Land Markets, And Household Income: Procede And The Impact Of The 1992 Reform In Mexico
 Shannon Price2004Using Tontines To Finance Public Goods: Experimental Evidence
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