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AREC Student Contributes to Dean's Global Leadership Council Meeting

AREC student Benjamin ZimmittiThe College of Agriculture and Natural Resources recently convened the first gathering of Dean Beyrouty’s Global Leadership Council, and Benjamin Zimmitti, a junior AREC major, was invited to participate.

“The dean has created the Global Leadership Council to represent and engage key leaders in the state’s agriculture industry and beyond,” said Graham Binder, the director of communications for the college. “The dean convened the group as an advisory body and sound board to talk about ideas for the future and the college’s impact throughout the state on consumers, producers and residents.”

Several students were invited to the meeting during the luncheon to introduce themselves and speak with the council. The students spoke about their involvements and experiences with the college and the university.

I can say that it would seem that the purpose of having a few undergraduates come in during lunch to mingle with the various distinguished guests, was to bring the student voice into the room a bit, in order to help slightly inform the dean and the council’s process,” said Zimmitti.

Zimmitti is a peer mentor in the AGNR Academic Programming office, and an Ambassador for AGNR.

At another point while we were there, the Dean asked us for our opinions about things we really enjoyed about the college and maybe things we were critical of,” said Zimmitti. This event also served as a networking opportunity for the students.

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