Non-Degree Students

Advanced Special Student Status: Course Work Only (Non-Degree)

Applicants who qualify for graduate status and who wish to take graduate courses at the university but do not have an immediate degree objective in mind may apply directly to the Graduate School for Advanced Special Student Status. Students included would normally be those who already have advanced degrees and wish to pursue a partial program not leading to another degree or to gain more background in a specific field of knowledge. The non-degree graduate status is not intended to be used as a qualifying program for full degree status. However, up to 12 semester hours of credit may be transferred to a degree program with the approval of the Graduate Committee. Non-degree students are admitted for a maximum of 5 years. In order to be considered for admission to a degree program, the advanced special student must submit a new application.

Visiting Graduate Student Status (Non-Degree, Transfer Student)

A graduate student matriculated in another graduate school who wishes to enroll in the Graduate School of the University of Maryland, and who intends to return to the graduate school where he or she is matriculated, may be admitted in a non-degree graduate status as a Visiting Graduate Student.

Criteria for enrollment as a visitor are admission to and good standing in another recognized graduate school. The applicant need not submit full transcripts of credits but must apply for admission to the Graduate School and pay the application fee. A student must have the graduate dean of the home institution certify to the Graduate School in writing that the student is in good standing and that the credits will be accepted toward the graduate degree. Unless otherwise specified, admission will be offered for one year only.

Non-Degree Admissions