Except where otherwise indicated, seminars will be held on Wednesdays from 12pm - 1:30 pm in 3121 Symons Hall.



Presentation Title


August 20 Fran Moore Synthesis of Evidence Yields High Social Cost of Carbon Due to Model Extensions and Uncertainties University of California, Davis and CEA
September 6 Catherine Eckel Does how we measure altruism matter?  Playing both roles in dictator games Texas A&M University
September 13 Eric Lewis Economic Consequences of Natural Disasters: The Impact of Hurricane Harvey on Local Retail and Consumer Welfare Texas A&M University

September 20

Sandip Sukhtankar Cash Transfers for Child Development: Experimental evidence from India University of Virginia
September 27 Cloé Garnache Does the Salience of Climate-Related Risk Affect Asset Prices? Oslo Metropolitan University
October 4 Koichiro Ito Choosing Who Chooses: Selection-Driven Targeting in Energy Rebate Programs University of Chicago Harris
October 11 Joshua Blonz The Canary in the Coal Decline: Appalachian Household Finance and the Transition from Fossil Fuels The Federal Reserve
October 18 Mark Ottoni-
Tax Incentives for Charitable Giving: New Findings Indiana University-Purdue
University Indianapolis
October 25 Meera Mahadevan The Price of Power: Cost of Political Corruption in Indian Electricity University of California, Irvine
November 1 Soren Anderson Attribute Production and Biased Technical Change in Automobiles Michigan State University
November 8 Pam Jakiela A Firm of One's Own: Experimental Evidence on Credit Constraints and Occupational Choice Williams College
November 15 Scott Rozelle Common Prosperity for Rural China: How the Rural-Urban Divide Threatens China’s Rise Stanford University
November 29 Chris Moore Monetizing the Impacts of Ocean Warming and Acidification on Shellfisheries of the United States and Canada Environmental Protection Agency
December 6 Lauren Bergquist Search Costs, Intermediation, and Trade: Experimental Evidence from Ugandan Agricultural Markets Yale University
December 13 Billur Aksoy The Gender Minority Gaps in Confidence and Self-Evaluations Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
January 16 Anna Ziff Beyond the Local Impacts of Place-Based Policies: Spillovers through Latent Housing Markets Duke University
January 17 Erika Deserranno Gender Disparities in the Welfare Effect of the Minimum Wage Northwestern University
January 18 Andrew Simon

Racial Inequality in Property Tax Appeals: Evidence from Field Experiments with Homeowners and Assessor

University of Chicago
January 23 Matt Knepper

Why is Workplace Sexual Harassment Underreported? The Value of Outside Options Amid the Threat of Retaliation

University of Georgia
January 24 Barton Willage Public Programs for Children Impact Parents: Evidence from Medicaid Expansions University of Colorado
January 25 Gerard Domènech-Arumi

Black Neighbors Matter: Officer Neighborhoods and Racial Differences in Policing

Université Libre de Bruxelles
January 30 Brandon Enriquez Racially Disparate Effects of the Japan Trade Shock Massachusetts Institute of Technology
February 1 Reem Zaiour Violence in Mexico, Return Intentions, and the Integration of Mexican Migrants in the US University of California, Davis
February 14 Seema Jayachandran Reshaping gender attitudes in India through schools: An 8-year follow-up study Princeton University
February 21 Chris Blattman Who joins drug-selling gangs and why? Evidence from 10,000 adolescent boys University of Chicago Harris
February 28 Saumitra Jha Democracy Corrupted Stanford University
March 6 Sheila Olmstead Estimating water quality benefits with revealed preference University of Texas, Austin
March 13 Martin Fiszbein Agrarian Origins of Individualism and Collectivism Boston University
March 27 Katherine Eriksson Death in the Promised Land: The Great Migration and Infant Mortality University of California, Davis
April 3 Fred Finan When Democracy Refuses to Die: Evaluating a Training Program for New Politicians University of California, Berkeley
April 10 David Yang Emigration During Turbulent Times Harvard University
April 17 Wolfram Schlenker Institutions and Global Crop Yields Columbia University

April 24

Van Munching Hall 2333


David Autor The Unexpected Compression: Competition at Work in the Low Wage Labor Market Massachusetts Institute of Technology
May 1 Miguel Urquiola Self-, Peer-, and Teacher Perceptions under School Tracking Columbia University
May 8 Youpei Yan  Values of Sustainability Interventions in China’s National Land System Suffolk University