Job Market Candidates

Youngho Kim

Ph.D. Candidate 
Applied Microeconomics, Environmental and Resource Economics, Agricultural Economics

Job Market Paper Title: Payments for Ecosystem Services Programs and Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture
References: Erik Lichtenberg, David Newburn, Erich Battistin (UMD AREC)


Juan Carlos Angulo

Ph.D. Candidate 
Applied Microeconomics, Political Economy, Development Economics, Labor Economics

Job Market Paper Title: Green Gold: Avocado Production and Conflict in Mexico
Title of Dissertation: Essays on Political Economy of Development in Latin America
Publications and Working Paper: Cheer or Fear: The 2018 Colombian Presidential Election

References: Erich Battistin, AREC. Ethan Kaplan, Department of Economics, Cory Smith, AREC. Anna Alberini, AREC.


Javier Alejandro Lopez-Aguilar

Ph.D. Candidate 
Environmental Economics, Policy Evaluation, Applied Econometrics

Job Market Paper Title: Subsidizing Technology Adoption under Treatment Effect Heterogeneity: Rainwater Harvesting in Mexico City
Title of Dissertation: Essays on Welfare Effects of Natural Resource Policy in Mexico
Publications and Working Papers: Energy efficiency programs in the context of increasing block tariffs: The case of residential electricity in Mexico

References: Erich Battistin, Joshua Linn, Louis Preonas


Xueting Pi

Ph.D. Candidate 
ESG, Corporate Finance, Climate Finance, Applied Microeconomics

Job Market Paper Title: General Counsel and Corporate Sustainability
Title of Dissertation: Corporate ESG

References: Rebecca Epanchin-Niell; Cory Smith; Maureen L. Cropper (4106A Tydings Hall)


Zedekiah G. Higgs

Ph.D. Candidate 
Experimental economics, Behavioral economics

Job Market Paper Title: Do Matches Really Outperform Rebates? New Evidence from a Novel Experiment


Placement Committee

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