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UMD AREC Alumnus Mark Schnebly Named Senior VP of Loan Operations for MidAtlantic Farm Credit

Mark Schnebly

AREC alumnus Mark Schnebly (B.S. 2001) was named the new Senior Vice President of Loan Operations at MidAtlantic Farm Credit on Jan. 1, 2017.

With his promotion, Schnebly now oversees all Underwriting and Processing functions for MidAtlantic.

He first began working for the company in 2002 as a loan officer. Schnebly later transitioned into the role of an Underwriter, which required him to make loan approval decisions by analyzing people’s personal and business finances.  

After growing up on his family’s dairy farm in Clear Spring, Maryland, Schnebly knew he wanted to be involved in local agriculture.

“Farm Credit had a strong reputation of serving the farm community and I saw that as a good role for me,” said Schnebly in an email interview.

Working on the farm was Schnebly’s first job. His family milked 80-head of Guernsey cattle. The farm is run today by his uncle and cousins.

“I feel that I am able to have compassion for the cooperative members that we serve at MidAtlantic, because of how and where I grew up,” said Schnebly. “I didn’t choose to continue working on the farm, but I respect the work ethic that it takes to manage a farm business. By that same token, the work ethic that I learned from my parents and grandparents on the farm, has served me well in my career.”

Schnebly’s experience working on the farm gave him an idea of the field he wanted to work in. After receiving several agricultural scholarships, the University of Maryland was the most economical choice.

“I was always interested in the business-side of Agriculture and the AREC major seemed to fit my interests very well,” said Schnebly. “I really enjoyed my first general Economics courses during my Freshman year, and that solidified for me that I had made the correct decision.”

In choosing the University of Maryland, Schnebly followed in the footsteps of his brother, Brian Schnebly, and mother, Susan Schnebly. His father, William Schnebly, was also a graduate of the University System of Maryland, from Frostburg State University.

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