Dr. Neslihan Uler Appointed as Associate Editor of the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (JEBO)

Advancing Economic Insights

March 8, 2024

Dr. Neslihan Uler has recently been named Associate Editor of the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (JEBO), a distinguished journal known for its commitment to publishing rigorous research that encompasses both theoretical and empirical methodologies, including controlled experiments in economics.

As an associate professor at the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AREC) at the University of Maryland and director of the Symons Hall Experimental Laboratory (SHEL), Dr. Uler specializes in experimental economics. Her research focuses on Public Economics, Environmental Economics, and Behavioral Economics. Her contributions in public economics examine the dynamics of public goods provision and charitable giving, investigating how various factors such as competition, authority, taxation, information, and culture affect voluntary contributions. In the realm of environmental economics, her work explores the effectiveness of mechanisms like output-sharing partnerships and carbon offset markets on individual behavior and their potential to address economic inefficiencies associated with negative externalities.

Dr. Uler shared her enthusiasm about her new role: "I am excited to embrace the position of associate editor at the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (JEBO). JEBO is renowned for publishing high-quality papers that employ both theoretical and empirical approaches, including controlled experiments. As an associate editor, I will play a pivotal role in the journal's editorial process. My responsibilities encompass not only identifying suitable referees and assessing the manuscripts for publication but also guiding authors through constructive feedback and potentially influencing future research directions. These are significant responsibilities, and I am truly honored to be entrusted with such a crucial role."

Dr. Uler's appointment as Associate Editor signifies her dedication to advancing economic research and her commitment to enhancing the quality and impact of the publications within JEBO. Her extensive experience and deep understanding of economic behaviors and mechanisms are anticipated to bring valuable insights, fostering the journal's mission to stimulate innovative economic research.