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Students in the Agribusiness concentration have the option of choosing a field of study six (6) courses that include coursework at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. If you are planning on taking any business-related courses as part of your field of study, we recommend that you choose the Agribusiness concentration. Be sure to consult the Agribusiness 4-year plan.

Requirements for the Agribusiness concentration:

- Six (6) benchmark courses completed with a C- or better.

- Seven (7) upper-level AREC courses at the 400-level (note: AREC 306 can also be counted as an upper-level AREC course)

- Six (6) courses (18 credits minimum) in one of the following fields of study:

Business Management

Offers courses in accounting, business finance, marketing, management and law at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. The six approved courses for this field of study are:

BMGT 220: Principles of Accounting I
BMGT 221: Principles of Accounting II
BMGT 340N: Business Finance
BMGT 350N: Marketing Principles
BMGT 364N: Management and Organization
BMGT 380N: Business Law I

Other 300–level BMGT courses may be substituted, with advisor permission.  Agribusiness concentrators can enroll in any BMGT course ending in ‘N,’ as these are sections reserved for AREC majors.

Farm Management and Entrepreneurship (pending approval):

Offers courses focusing on entrepreneurship and small business management practices from Engineering Science, the Institute of Applied Agriculture, and the Robert H. Smith School of Business.

Six courses (18 credits) from the following approved list:
BMGT 220 Accounting I
BMGT 221 Accounting II
ENES 140 Discovering New Ventures
ENES 461 Advanced Entrepreneurial Opportunity Analysis in Technology Ventures
ENES 471 Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship
INAG 103 Agricultural Marketing
INAG 201 Agricultural Human Resources Management
INAG 204 Agricultural Business Management
INAG 205 Analyzing Alternative Enterprises
One of the following can also be selected: BMGT 289E Entrepreneurial Thinking for Non-Business Majors: How Not to Miss Great Opportunities Your Life Throws At You / ENES 210 Entrepreneurial Opportunity Analysis and Decision-Making / INAG 102 Agricultural Entrepreneurship

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