Empower Your Summer: Addressing Global Hunger with AREC 365

Confront Global Hunger with AREC 365: World Hunger, Population, & Food Supplies

April 10, 2024

The Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AREC) at the University of Maryland is offering AREC 365: World Hunger, Population, & Food Supplies this summer. Set to run from July 8 through July 26, 2024, this course is not just another academic exercise—it's a call to action for students passionate about solving one of the world's most pressing issues: hunger.

Why Global Hunger?
In a world of wealth and technological advancements, it's a grim paradox that nearly one in ten people still go to bed hungry every night. This course takes a deep dive into the intricacies of global hunger, focusing on the balance between food supply, demand, and distribution across the globe. It's a challenge that calls for innovative solutions, technological advancements, and sustainable practices—all of which AREC 365 aims to explore.

Who Can Join?
Open to current UMD students, high school students, and students from other institutions, AREC 365 offers an interdisciplinary approach that welcomes fresh perspectives and ideas. With 3 college credits up for grabs, it's an opportunity to learn and contribute to a larger global conversation.

What You'll Learn

  • Supply Dynamics: Understanding the global distribution of food, the course highlights the factors impacting accessibility and how geopolitical, economic, and social elements play a role in food security.

  • Innovation: Students will delve into the technological and methodological advancements aimed at improving food system efficiency. It's about finding new ways to ensure food sustainability and equity.

  • Eco-Solutions: With a spotlight on sustainable practices and environmental stewardship, the course explores how to boost food production without exacerbating climate change or depleting natural resources.

A Summer Like No Other
This isn't just about earning credits; it's about making a difference. As climate change, conflict, and inequality continue exacerbating the global hunger crisis, the need for informed, passionate individuals to lead the charge has never been greater. AREC 365 is more than a course—it's a step towards a future where food security is a reality for all.

Sign Up Today
For more details on the course and how to enroll, visit the course description page and sign up directly through Testudo.