Except where otherwise indicated, seminars will be held on Wednesdays from 12pm - 1:30 pm in 3121 Symons Hall.



Presentation Title


August 20 Fran Moore Synthesis of Evidence
Yields High Social Cost of
Carbon Due to Model
Extensions and
UC Davis and CEA
September 6 Catherine Eckel Does how we measure altruism matter?  Playing both roles in dictator games Texas A&M University
September 13 Eric Lewis Economic Consequences of Natural Disasters: The Impact of Hurricane Harvey on Local Retail and Consumer Welfare Texas A&M University

September 20

Sandip Sukhtankar Cash Transfers for Child Development: Experimental evidence from India UVA
September 27 Cloé Garnache Does the Salience of Climate-Related Risk Affect Asset Prices? Oslo Metropolitan University
October 4 Koichiro Ito Choosing Who Chooses: Selection-Driven Targeting in Energy Rebate Programs Univ. Chicago Harris
October 11 Joshua Blonz The Canary in the Coal Decline: Appalachian Household Finance and the Transition from Fossil Fuels The Federal Reserve
October 18 Mark Ottoni-
Tax Incentives for Charitable Giving: New Findings Indiana University-Purdue
University Indianapolis
October 25 Meera Mahadevan TBA UC Irvine
November 1 Soren Anderson Attribute Production and Biased Technical Change in Automobiles Michigan State
November 8 Pam Jakiela TBA Williams College
November 15 Scott Rozelle Parental Investment, School Choice, and the Persistent Benefits of an Early Childhood Intervention Stanford
November 29 Chris Moore TBA EPA
December 6 Lauren Bergquist TBA Yale
February 14 Seema Jayachandran TBA Princeton
February 21 Chris Blattman TBA Univ. Chicago Harris
February 28 Saumitra Jha TBA Stanford
March 6 Sheila Olmstead TBA Univ. Texas Austin
March 13 Martin Fiszbein TBA Boston University
March 27 Katherine Eriksson TBA UC Davis
April 3 Fred Finan TBA UC Berkeley
April 10 David Yang TBA Harvard
April 17 Wolfram Schlenker TBA Columbia
April 24 David Autor TBA MIT
May 1 Miguel Urquiola TBA Columbia