Student Spotlight: Fulbright Scholar Mariah Campbell!

April 20, 2023

Congratulations to Senior AREC major Mariah Campbell who has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship* for post-graduate work at The National Taiwan University! 

Mariah is an Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics (AREC) major and Sustainability minor who is highly involved within the AREC and AGNR community. Mariah is involved in the SOARE program and is a recipient of the Ray Murray award these past two semesters. Mariah is an AGNR Ambassador and a Community Assistant at Denton Hall. Keep reading to learn a little more about Mariah!

How was the process of applying for the Fulbright Scholarship? 
“The process of applying to Fulbright is pretty straightforward but involves time management and planning ahead. I lack time management skills which is why starting the application early was for me. I discovered the Fulbright program in the spring and knew that the program was right for me. I had unduly confidence from the beginning that I was a competitive contender for this scholarship. I believe this delusional attitude is what sets me apart from the crowd. I drafted my Statement of Grant and Personal Statement with my Fulbright advisor throughout the summer. My first couple drafts were not great but by the fall they were solid. I had a hunch that I would make it to the semi-finalist round. I received the notification that I was a semi-finalist late January. At that point, I believed I was a shoe-in for the award. I was not. They announced me as an Alternate April 6th much  to my disappointment. I went through the 4 stages of grief in about two days. Then on April 11th, they sent me another email upgrading me to Finalist!” 

What are you most excited about?
“I am most excited to meet people from Taiwan and around the world. I love hearing new perspectives from people with diverse backgrounds. It helps me expand my views.” 

Tell us more about your involvement with SOARE at UMD?
“I was an Economics major in the BSOS department my Freshman and Sophomore year. I was unaware that AREC was a major until I met a faculty member in the AGNR department while working at the farm off-campus. I reached out to him and he notified me about the SOARE program. The program director, Evelyn Cooper, appreciated my background experience with programming for NASA and awarded me a data science internship under mentorship of Dr. Lars J. Olson. I learned R-studio and developed a project with the guidance of Dr. Olson. This opportunity allowed me to interconnect data science with agricultural economics.”

What sets AREC faculty and programs apart from others?
“The AREC faculty has been an amazing support system throughout my academic and Fulbright journey. The AREC professors that I connect with and credit are Dr. Lars J. Olson, James Archsmith, and Louis Preonas. I appreciate the mentorship that Dr. Olson provided me during my SOARE internship and as my academic advisor. Professor Archsmith and Preonas progressed my knowledge and confidence to the fullest potential. My Fulbright achievement would not be possible without their support and recommendations. I appreciate April Brohawn and the faculty that I work with as a AGNR Ambassador for connecting me with the AGNR community as a whole.”

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*The US Fulbright Program is a selective student program that promotes cross-cultural academic and professional advancement abroad. For more information on the Fulbright program check out eligibility criteria on their website.